About us


The Libra Lures brand is a manufacturer of artificial fishing lures. It was built by a group of enthusiasts, based on many years of experience in spinning fishing. We design and manufacture artificial lures for catching all species of fish that feed on insects, larvae and worms.

One of the founding fathers of the brand is Mateusz Okoń – a multiple participant of GPx Poland in the spinning discipline and a participant in the World Championships.
The main designer is Tomasz Podkul, the current Polish Champion 2022 and the World Champion (France 2019) in shore trout fishing using the spinning method.
Adam Chmielowski, who has experience in managing large business projects, is responsible for the selection of materials for artificial lures, production technology and organization of the project.

Our biggest challenge was to master the production technology and the selection of materials and additives (smell, taste) so that the fish would not pass by the artificial bait indifferently.

After a few years, we overcame all obstacles and obtained a unique material with high buoyancy, resistant to the teeth of predators, which after forming resembled artificial worms.

In addition to the well-known Trout Series products for trout fishing, we are working on new lures – Bass Series projects (already in the offer) and Predator Series (coming soon).

All our products were created out of passion and love for fishing and communing with nature.

Targi 2022 Libra Lures producent sztucznych przynet wedkarskich