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Turbo Worm – a Game Changer

Colleagues “anglers” and new lures.

The world is inexorably rushing forward, and we, by all means, are not stopping! Because we are anglers ourselves, we constantly strive for perfection, yet in our development we rely not only on our own experience, but also open up to suggestions from fellow anglers. They, along with the fish of course, are the best critics of our products. And the fact that we receive a lot of requests and suggestions concerning ideas for new lures makes us particularly pleased, because it shows your trust in us. This value is all the greater because faith in a lure builds in an angler along with the number of fish caught. We will successively inform you about our new designs, and today we present the latest “child” of our flagship line, the “Trout Series” products. Here it is. Worm. TurboWorm.

Turbo Worm – what it is!

The Turbo Worm, so to speak, is a combination of a pupa-type lure with a worm. The body, somewhat reminiscent of a larva in general appearance, is divided into many elements. The ribs, like in a classic radiator, make the lure very wiggly and therefore extremely movable. At the end of the lure, there are three thin legs that react to even the slightest movement of the water. When the lure is retrieved freely, the water running over the body of the Turbo Worm causes the whole lure to vibrate, right up to the tips of the legs. Every additional movement of the rod, triggers additional movements of the lure. The Turbo Worm is offered in one size, 56 millimetres, and 20 colour versions. You will find eight Turbo Worms in a jar. Of course, you have a choice of flavoured lures, with the scent of cheese as well as krill, and also a ‘no scent’ option, for those with a particularly sensitive sense of smell 😉
It is worth remembering that the ribbed structure of the lure makes it have a colossal surface area, compared to lures without such a ribbing. This increases the lure’s motions, as I mentioned before, but also generates a lot of additional hydroacoustic waves, picked up by the fish through sensory receptors located, among others, along the lateral line. Such a large surface area of the lure, also provides a huge carrier field for the aromas, which are released at slower and longer pace.

What will we catch on the Turbo Worm?

The size and shape of the lure, combined with our ultra-soft and buoyant material, make the Turbo Worm characterised by excellent buoyancy. With a small load, we get a very slow-sinking, almost neutral lure, allowing a longer presentation, which, combined with the aforementioned carrying of aromas, make a great weapon for the increasingly popular fishing for rainbow trout. But it is not only “foragers” that have the Turbo Worm in their sights. Brown trout, too, will not allow it to pass by their spot freely. In addition, tests have shown the Turbo Worm’s effectiveness also when fishing for perch, silver fish, as well as for river moustached powerhouses, namely barbel.
As you may have noticed by now, the expansion of our most popular segment to date, the ‘Trout Series’, is not our last word. Representatives of our latest series – the “Bass Series” – are now appearing in shops. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? You will read more about them in our catalogue and soon, on the blog. In the meantime, we “turbo recommend” you check out our new Turbo Worm!

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